Google maps help UAE users save Dh2b a year — study

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Dubai: A recent study on economic impact of modern mapping and geolocation technology, such as Google Maps and Google Earth, concluded that consumers benefited by nearly Dh2 billion as a result of using such technology in the UAE.

Thanks to “modern mapping services”, people are travelling faster, safer, and are saving fuel, according to a statement by Google.

By using digital maps, people are reducing 16 per cent of their travelling time in UAE, and accordingly saving Dh25 million . People also saved nearly 45 litres of fuel per car, which is estimated at Dh4.4 million in total.

Moreover, people speeded up shopping and saved time making decisions. The value of time saved was nearly Dh9 billion.

Selim Edde, head of government Relations and Public Policy at Google, said there are “still remains more potential to be unlocked by geospatial technology”.

Such a technology can further benefit governments, civil society organisations and businesses, the press statement said.


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