Cow-culated moove? Indian govt to introduce ‘sex-sorted semen’ to ensure cows outnumber bulls

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They take cattle production very seriously in India, so much so that the country’s minister of animal husbandry has revealed plans to introduce “sex-sorted semen” technology, to ensure that cows always outnumber bulls.

Minister Giriraj Singh announced the plans on Saturday, along with a measure that should breathe new life into the udders of cows who have stopped producing milk, through “IV embryo advanced technology.” 

“In coming days, through insemination, the calves that will be born would only be female ones, through (doses of) sex-sorted semen,” Singh explained.

The government hopes its efforts will boost farmers’ incomes as well as ensuring a strong supply of cows, which are deeply respected in Hinduism, the dominant religion of India.

Earlier this year Uttarakhand became India’s first state to produce sex-sorted semen, which can boost the chances –by up to ninety per cent– of female calves being born.Also on Moo-radona: Indian cow becomes viral sensation with stunning football skills (VIDEO)

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