Passengers stranded as Dubai-Mumbai flight delayed for 24 hours

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Mumbai-bound Air India carrier was scheduled to leave on Thursday 11am from Dubai airport.

An indefinite delay of an Air India flight from Dubai to Mumbai has left more than 200 passengers fuming after waiting for more than 24 hours at the airport, Khalej Times has learnt.

Mumbai-bound Air India carrier AI910 was scheduled to leave on Thursday 11am from Dubai International Airport but passengers said the flight is yet to take off.

Frustrated passengers who spoke to Khaleej Times said they are left stranded without any information on when they can leave.

"There are emergency cases like a man who is getting married today. We are all stuck. This has to stop. This airline has to be banned," fumed a Dubai resident Prachi Manghnani, who had a meeting to attend in Mumbai on Friday,
"We were at the airport since Thursday morning and we waited for more than 18 hours before we could have any information about the flight delay. It is 11am today and we are still clueless," she told Khaleej Times over phone.

"Harassment at Dubai airport. In limbo from 11.45 am yesterday still stuck at airport and no staff from airlines to assist. Smart airindia staff have switched off the mobiles and landlines off the hook. Extreme TORTURE," tweeted Kurush tagging Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

"Sir, we are hostages at  Dubai Airport due to Air India issues from last 24 hours. Request you to help us," read a tweet by Ajay Jha tagging the PM and other ministries. 

Manghnani said after hours of waiting at the airport, Air India staff asked passengers to go to Terminal 2 to board an Air India Express flight on Thursday evening.

"When we went there, they had no clue and we were asked to leave.  Finally at night, we were assured that the flight is rescheduled to 5am on Friday and we were moved to a hotel for overnight stay.

But that was not the end of misery for the passengers as the flight was again delayed for hours with no ground staff able to give even a tentative time for take off.

"What are we supposed to do. It is almost midday and we have not boarded yet," said another passenger.


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